Statistics and other data regarding drugs and drug policies in Switzerland, covering all areas including public safety/criminal justice, public health, harm reduction, treatment, and prevention

Switching to Methadone Maintenance

(Switching to Methadone Maintenance) "Finally, the analysis of the reasons for interrupting treatment revealed that, even in the group of those treated for less than one year, the majority did not actually drop out of the program but rather changed the type of treatment, mostly either methadone maintenance or abstinence treatment.

Crime Reduction

(Crime Reduction) "With respect to the group of those treated uninterruptedly during four years, a strong decrease in the incidence and prevalence rates of overall criminal implication for both intense and moderate offenders was found. As to the type of offense, similar diminutions were observed for all types of offenses related to the use or acquisition of drugs. Not surprisingly, the most pronounced drop was found for use/possession of heroin.

Target Population

(Target Population) "As one of the responses to dramatically increasing drug scenes, heroin maintenance trials were implemented in Switzerland from 1994 onwards. The target population for this new treatment consists of heroin users who did not comply with other forms of treatment and who presented serious health and/or social problems."

Harm Reduction Policies and Incidence of HIV

(Harm Reduction Policies and Incidence of HIV) "For the last 15 years, the federal government has therefore been supporting a variety of measures (e.g. needle-exchange programs, injection rooms, housing and employment programs) in order to improve the health and the lifestyle of drug addicts and to prevent the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases. Compared with the late 1980s, the incidence of new HIV infections among drug addicts has decreased significantly."

Decline in Incidence of Heroin Use

(Decline in Incidence of Heroin Use) "The incidence of regular heroin use in the canton of Zurich started with about 80 new users in 1975, increased to 850 in 1990, and declined to 150 in 2002, and was thus reduced by 82%. Incidence peaked in 1990 at a similar high level to that ever reported in New South Wales, Australia, or in Italy. But only in Zurich has a decline by a factor of four in the number of new users of heroin been observed within a decade.

Prevalence of Use Among Young People in Switzerland

Prevalence of Use Among Young People in Switzerland: "Among young people, it is clear that more boys consume cannabis than girls (current consumers number 11.5% and 5.1% respectively). However, here consumption has stabilised and has recently begun to fall among school pupils.56 The number of young men who have experience of hard drugs has increased, whereas the number of young women with such experience has remained stable.57"

Prevalence of Drug Use in Switzerland

Prevalence of Drug Use in Switzerland: "The consumption of cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy has increased in the past ten years. At present, around 20% of the population over 15 years of age have consumed cannabis (24% of men and 15% of women). Experience of consumption has also risen in the case of cocaine (from 1.6% to 2.8%) and ecstasy (from 1.0% to 1.8%)."