France - Data - 6-29-10

(1997 - France - new drug-related AIDS cases) "The number of new drug-related AIDS cases fell sharply in 1996 and 1997. However, the same was true of all cases irrespective of the cause of infection, and the trend is linked to the effectiveness of tritherapy treatments introduced in 1996. When it comes to assessing the impact of syringe accessibility, it is more relevant to observe trends in the rates of HIV positivity among intravenous drug users. This is not monitored statistically in France, unlike new cases of AIDS.

International - France - Data - 12-15-12

(Syringe Distribution in France 2008) "From the different information sources, we can estimate that approximately 14 million syringes were sold or distributed to drug users in France in 2008. Comparing this number to the number of IV drug users (81,000 recent IV users) produces a ratio of approximately 170 syringes per user per year (Costes et al. 2009). This figure, which only represents an order of magnitude, may indicate rather high accessibility to syringes in France for IV drug users.

Syringe Exchange and Opiate Substitution Treatment (OST)

(Syringe Exchange and Opiate Substitution Treatment (OST)) ""Providing assistance in gaining access to OST [Opioid Substitution Treatment] and general care is one of the CAARUD’s [Support Centre for the Reduction of Drug-related Harms] primary missions:
"• 83% of the CAARUDs reported that they had set up access to OST (referral or monitoring)
"• of all of their activities involving access to hygiene and first aid, the most common procedures (35%) were body care, followed by nursing care (26%);

Prevalence of Cannabis Use, by Age and Gender

(Prevalence of Cannabis Use, by Age and Gender) "Cannabis is by far the most widely used illicit substance in France. In 2010, among adults aged from 15 to 64 years, around a third (32.1%) admitted to having used cannabis during their lifetime. This experimentation affects more men than women (39.5% compared with 25%). 8.4% of 15-64 year-olds have used cannabis over the last 12 months (11.9% of men and 5.1% of women), whereas the overall proportion of users during the month is 4.6%.

Prevalence of Cocaine Use

(Prevalence of Cocaine Use) "Since the beginning of the 1990s, the availability of stimulants, cocaine or other synthetic drugs (ecstasy, amphetamines, etc.), has increased in France. The emergence and the related spread of the freebase form of cocaine 74, crack (whose use is nevertheless rare) occurred during the same decade.

Public Views on Criminalization of Drugs

(Public Views on Criminalization of Drugs) "In polls before 1999, the majority view which appeared to be defined is that prosecutions and legal penalties should be imposed on consumers of heroin and of cocaine (85% in favour), of cannabis (70%) or of alcohol (approx. 50%). However, polling of such opinions is very sensitive to the way in which questions are put: three quarters of interviewees in this way, were not in favour of the idea that drug addicts should be punished.