Prevalence of Problem Drug Use in France 2011

(Prevalence of Problem Drug Use in France 2011) "The number of problem drug users estimated at national level varies from 222,000 (multiplier applied to arrest data) to 340,000 (multivariate indicator method), corresponding to a prevalence of 5.5 per thousand and 8.4 per thousand, respectively, depending on the method employed. The multiplier method applied to treatment data gives an intermediate prevalence of 7.5 per thousand.

Prevalence of Drug Use Among Students and Youth

(Prevalence of Drug Use Among Students and Youth) "The initial results of the recent HBSC, ESPAD and ESCAPAD surveys are consistent in terms of the particular use of cannabis amongst adolescents in France. Cannabis is the most widely consumed illicit product amongst 11-17 year-old adolescents, especially males. In terms of lifetime use, in 2010, the use of cannabis was extremely rare amongst 11 year-olds and concerned 6.4 % of 13 year-olds (representing an increase compared to 2006 figures) and stabilised at 28.0 % amongst 15 year-olds (HBSC).

Transshipment of Drugs

(Transshipment of Drugs) "France continues to be a major transshipment point for drugs moving through Europe. Given France‘s shared borders with trafficking conduits such as Spain, Italy, and Belgium, France is a natural distribution point for drugs moving toward North America from Europe and the Middle East. France‘s overseas territories‘ presence in the Caribbean, its proximity to North Africa, and its participation in the Schengen open border system, contribute to its desirability as a transit point for drugs, including drugs originating in South America.

Possession and Trafficking

(Possession and Trafficking) "Use or possession of illegal drugs is a criminal offence in France. The law itself does not distinguish between possession for personal use or for trafficking, nor by type of substance. However, the prosecutor will opt for a charge relating to use or traffic that is based on the quantity of the drug found and the context of the case. An offender charged with personal use faces a maximum prison sentence of one year and a fine of up to EUR 3,750, though prosecution may be waived.

Syringe Exchange and Harm Reduction Activity in France 2008

(Syringe Exchange and Harm Reduction Activity in France 2008) "In 2010, 135 CAARUDs [Support Centre for the Reduction of Drug-related Harms] existed throughout France. These are medico-social centres funded by the French social security system. They operate in various places with diverse methods. Of these, 95% offer a stationary reception service, 66% have street teams, 47% operate in squats, 40% have mobile teams, 39% work with teams on the party scene and 28% have developed prison activities.

Social Costs of Drugs in France

(Social Costs of Drugs in France) "For the last ten years, the Observatoire français des drogues et des toxicomanies (OFDT, or the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) has repeatedly worked on estimating the social cost of licit and illicit drugs. The first study (Kopp et al. 1998) dates back to the 1990s and examined the possible calculation methods. The initial estimates were presented in the Kopp and Fénoglio report (Kopp et al. 2000) on Le coût social des drogues (the social cost of drugs).

How France Defines Problem Drug Use

(How France Defines Problem Drug Use) "France has recorded national estimates of the number of problem drug users since the mid 1990s. The last estimate produced by the OFDT relates to 2011 data and follows on from earlier estimates in 1995, 1999 and 2006. The definition of problem drug use has, however, changed from one study to the next: in 1995, the inclusion criterion for this category was the use of opiates; in 1999, this criterion was extended to include cocaine.