Prevalence of Tobacco Use

(Prevalence of Tobacco Use) "In 2010, 15.1% of people in Australia aged 14 years or older were daily smokers, declining from 16.6% in 2007. Between 1991 and 2010, the proportion of daily smokers declined by almost 40% to the lowest levels seen over the 19-year period (Table 3.1). The proportion of people who had never smoked increased. Also:
"• the number of people smoking daily in 2010 decreased by approximately 100,000 people (2.9 million in 2007 down to 2.8 million in 2010)

Effectiveness of Australian SIF

(Effectiveness of Australian SIF) According to the final report of the evaluation of the Sydney, Australia, Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) by the MSIC Evaluation Committee (established by the New South Wales Dept. of Health):
"In summary, the evidence available from this Evaluation indicates that:
"• operation of the MSIC in the King Cross area is feasible;
"• the MSIC made service contact with its target population, including many who had no prior treatment for drug dependence;

Australia - Evaluation

(Australia - Evaluation) "The only comprehensive evaluation of a medically supervised injecting centre was conducted during the 18 month trial of the Sydney centre. Staff intervened in 329 overdoses over one year with an estimate of at least four lives saved a year. There was no increase in reported hepatitis B or C infections in the area that the medically supervised injecting centre served despite an increase elsewhere in Sydney.

Prescription Injectable Opiates

(Prescription Injectable Opiates) "Prescribing injectable opiates is one of many options in a range of treatments for opiate-dependent drug users. In showing that it attracts and retains long term resistant opiate-dependent drug users in treatment and that it is associated with significant and sustained reductions in drug use and improvements in health and social status, our findings endorse the view that it is a feasible option."