Cocaine & Crack

Cocaine and Crack

Uses of Coca Leaf

(Uses of Coca Leaf) "Coca leaf consumption is an integral part of Andean cultural tradition and world view. The principle uses are:
"• Energizer: provides an energy boost for working or for combating fatigue and cold. Although it reduces feelings of hunger, the coca leaf is not considered a food.
"• Medicinal: in teas, syrups and plasters for diagnosing and treating a series of illnesses. It is used as a local anesthetic.

"Crack Baby" Myth

("Crack Baby" Myth) "In the final analysis, the notion of the 'crack baby' is a myth. So-called 'cocaine babies' and 'crack babies' are more likely suffering from their mothers’ multiple drug use (particularly alcohol), and/or are 'poverty babies' suffering from a lack of medical care and poor nutrition."

Legal Use of Cocaine in the US

(Legal Use of Cocaine in the US) "Once the cocaine has been legally produced from the coca leaf, it is exported to various countries for medicinal use, basically as a topical anesthetic (applied to the surface, not injected, only treating a particular area). In the United States the crystalline powder is imported to pharmaceutical companies who process and package the cocaine for medical use.

Cocaine Supply Shortages

(Cocaine Supply Shortages) "Cocaine shortages have persisted in many U.S. drug markets since early 2007, primarily because of decreased cocaine production in Colombia but also because of increased worldwide demand for cocaine, especially in Europe; high cocaine seizure levels that continued through 2009; and enhanced GOM counterdrug efforts. These factors most likely resulted in decreased amounts of cocaine being transported from Colombia to the U.S.–Mexico border for subsequent smuggling into the United States."

Cocaine - Law - 10-23-09

Law and Policy

(Federal Penalties)
US Code violations for cocaine/crack cocaine and possible sentences:

Part D - Offenses and Penalties

"(b) Penalties
Except as otherwise provided in section 849, 859, 860, or 861 of this title, any person who violates subsection (a) of this section shall be sentenced as follows:
"(ii) 5 kilograms or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of—

Black Cocaine

(Black Cocaine) "Black cocaine is created by a chemical process used by drug traffickers to evade detection by drug sniffing dogs and chemical tests. The traffickers add charcoal and other chemicals to cocaine, which transforms it into a black substance that has no smell and does not react when subjected to the usual chemical tests."