drug use disorder

Drug Use Disorder and Comorbidity / Co-Occurring Conditions

"Drug use disorder was highly associated with alcohol and nicotine use disorders, with ORs (95% CIs) ranging from 2.5 (2.00–3.06) to 4.4 (3.80–5.19) across time frames and severity levels (Table 3). Twelve-month DUD was also positively associated with major depressive disorder, bipolar I, posttraumatic stress disorder, and antisocial PD (any and moderate to severe); dysthymia (any and mild); and borderline and schizotypal PDs across severity levels.

Estimated Prevalence of Drug Use Disorder in the United States

"In 2012–2013, the NESARC-III [National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions–III], a large national survey of US adults, assessed 12-month and lifetime disorders, including DUDs, diagnosed according to the new DSM-5. The NESARC-III used rigorous survey and field methods and incorporated measures of functioning and detailed assessments of treatment use. The NESARC-III results indicate that the prevalence rates of 12-month and lifetime DSM-5 DUD were 3.9% and 9.9%, respectively, representing approximately 9,131,250 and 23,310,135 US adults, respectively.