Supervised Injection Facilities & Safe Consumption Spaces

Supervised Injection Facilities, Safe Consumption Spaces, and Drug Consumption Rooms

Cost Benefits of SIFs

(Cost Benefits of SIFs) "Focusing on the base assumption of decreased needle sharing as the only effect of the supervised injection facility, we found that the facility was associated with an incremental net savings of almost $14 million and 920 life-years gained over 10 years. When we also considered the health effect of increased use of safe injection practices, the incremental net savings increased to more than $20 million and the number of life-years gained to 1070.

SIFs in the US

(SIFs in the US) "A ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada will not only have ramifications across Canada but will also likely have an impact in the United States, which has taken an active role in debating Canadian drug issues.40 A review of the legal framework in the United States concluded that states and municipalities have some authority to regulate safe injection facilities, but federal agencies could supervene under the Controlled Substances Act.41 Local public health activists have investigated the establishment of safe injection facilitie

Insite's Goals

(Insite's Goals) "Insite opened on 21 September of 2003 under an exemption granting it status as a scientific pilot study until 12 September 2006. The primary goals of the program are: (1) to reach a marginalized group of IDUs with healthcare and supports who would otherwise be forced to use drugs in less safe settings (2) to reduce dangerous injection practices (syringe sharing) thereby reducing the risk of infectious diseases like HIV and HCV; and (3) to reduce fatal overdoses in the population of people that use the facility.


(Effectiveness) "Evidence indicates SIFs [Safe Injection Facilities] are uniquely effective in sustaining contact with the most marginalised and chaotic users who inject drugs in public places. These users are at the greatest risk for disease and death, and are also the least likely to engage directly in a traditional abstinence-based health services.

Effectiveness of Australian SIF

(Effectiveness of Australian SIF) According to the final report of the evaluation of the Sydney, Australia, Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) by the MSIC Evaluation Committee (established by the New South Wales Dept. of Health):
"In summary, the evidence available from this Evaluation indicates that:
"• operation of the MSIC in the King Cross area is feasible;
"• the MSIC made service contact with its target population, including many who had no prior treatment for drug dependence;