Prisons & Drug Offenders

Statistics and other data regarding people under the control of the corrections system because of a drug offense. This includes people serving time in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities, as well as people sentenced to probation or serving time on parole.

People in Prison with Drug Addiction or Dependence

People in Prison with Drug Addiction or Dependence: "Violent offenders (47%) were the only offender group in State prisons with less than half meeting the DSM-IV criteria for drug dependence or abuse. Property and drug offenders (63% of each) were the most likely to be drug dependent or abusing.
"Drug offenders (52%) were the only group of Federal inmates with at least half meeting the drug dependence or abuse criteria. Property offenders (27%) reported the lowest percentage of drug dependence or abuse."

Number of People Serving Time in Federal Prison in the US, by Offense

"• Forty-seven percent (81,900) of sentenced federal prisoners on September 30, 2016 (the most recent date for which federal offense data are available) were serving time for a drug offense (table 14; table 15).
"• More than a third (38% or 65,900 prisoners) of federal prisoners were imprisoned for a public order offense, including 17% (28,800 federal prisoners) for a weapons offense and 8% (13,300) for an adjudicated immigration offense.