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Success of Overdose Prevention Sites In Response to a Public Health Emergency

"The rapid implementation of OPSs [Overdose Prevention Sites] in the province of British Columbia, Canada during a public health emergency provides an international example of an alternative to drawn-out, cumbersome sanctioning processes for SCSs [Supervised Consumption Services]. Unsanctioned SCSs provide alternative evidence to inform the implementation of SCSs that are more inclusive and responsive to PWUD [People Who Use Drugs]. Our research adds to this evidence.

Prevalence of "High Risk" Opioid Use in Norway

"High-risk opioid users are a heterogeneous group that includes marginalised drug users with long-standing ‘careers’ of heroin use, as well as socially included persons who became addicted to opioids through excessive consumption of prescribed pharmaceuticals. The description of high-risk opioid use does not include stable patients in opioid substitution treatment (OST) or others using pharmaceutical opioids in accordance with a doctor’s prescription. Patients in OST who misuse prescribed drugs or other opioids than the prescribed one(s) shall be included, however.

Legalization of Marijuana for Adult Social Use

"When it will be legal
"The Cannabis Act has received Royal Assent. Until October 17, 2018, it remains illegal to buy, possess or use cannabis for anything other than authorized medical or research purposes.

"Between now and coming into force, there will be a transition period for:
"the federal government
"provinces and territories
"the regulated industry and
"law enforcement
"Law enforcement will continue to enforce existing laws.

Republic of Ireland Approves Supervised Injection Facilities

"Minister for Health Simon Harris and Minister of State for Communities and the National Drugs Strategy, Catherine Byrne today (Tuesday) welcomed the Government’s decision to approve the publication of the Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017.
"The Bill, which was approved by Cabinet at its meeting this morning, will allow the Minister for Health to issue a licence, with conditions, to operate a supervised injecting facility.

Median Prison Population Rate and Number of People Serving Time in Prisons in the Europe

(Median Prison Population Rate and Number of People Serving Time in Prisons in the Europe)
"2. The median European Prison Population Rate [PPR] was 124.0 inmates per 100 000 inhabitants.
There was noted an increase of +4% compared to 2012 (125.6 inmates per 100,000 inhabitants). As median calculated values are less sensitive to the extreme figures (i.e. very low prison population rates in small countries with less than 1mln inhabitants), it is preferable to use these values as a more( reliable alternative to the average figures.

Prevalence of Use by Portuguese Youth Compared With Others in EU

(Prevalence of Use by Portuguese Youth Compared With Others in EU) "In ESPAD [European school survey project on alcohol and other drugs] 2011 once more cannabis was the drug that presented the higher lifetime prevalence of use (16%) a value closer to lifetime prevalence of any drug (19%). Between 2007 and 2001 increased the lifetime prevalence of use of any drug (from 14% to 19%), decreases were verified in the prevalence of use of all drugs with the exception of heroin.

Waiting Times for Substance Use Treatment in Prisons in Scotland, Oct.-Dec. 2013

(Waiting Times for Substance Use Treatment in Prisons in Scotland, Oct.-Dec. 2013)
"• In October-December 2013, of the 1,192 people who started their first drug or alcohol treatment, 97.5% had waited 3 weeks or less and 78.2% had waited one week or less (Table 1).
"• Of the 27 people who were still waiting to start drug or alcohol treatment at the end of December 2013, 1 person, or 3.7% had been waiting for more than 6 weeks (Table 2).