Data, statistics and information regarding HIV/AIDS related to injection drug use

Cases and Deaths in Inmate Population, 2001-2010

(Cases and Deaths in Inmate Population, 2001-2010) "Between 2001 and 2010, the estimated number of inmates with HIV/AIDS declined by 16%, and the number of AIDS-related deaths in prison declined by 77% (not shown in table) resulting in declines in the rates of HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related deaths among all inmates and those with HIV/AIDS. At yearend 2001, the estimated rate of HIV/AIDS among state and federal prison inmates was 194 HIV/AIDS cases per 10,000 inmates. By yearend 2010, the estimated rate was 146 cases per 10,000.

Global Estimated Drug-Related Mortality, 2011

(Global Estimated Drug-Related Mortality, 2011) "UNODC estimates that there were between 102,000 and 247,000 drug-related deaths in 2011, corresponding to a mortality rate of between 22.3 and 54.0 deaths per million population aged 15-64. This represents between 0.54 per cent and 1.3 per cent of mortality from all causes globally among those aged 15-64.20 The extent of drug-related deaths has essentially remained unchanged globally and within regions."

Spending on HIV-Related Harm Reduction, 2007

(Spending on HIV-Related Harm Reduction, 2007) "At approximately $160 million in 2007, the estimated total spending on HIV-related harm reduction in low and middle income countries is extremely low, and would still be insufficient even if this figure was underestimated by a factor of two or three. It amounts to about three US cents a day, or $12.80 a year, for each person who injects drugs.

HIV/AIDS - drug war driving the pandemic

(HIV/AIDS - drug war driving the pandemic) "The global war on drugs is driving the HIV/AIDS pandemic among people who use drugs and their sexual partners. Throughout the world, research has consistently shown that repressive drug law enforcement practices force drug users away from public health services and into hidden environments where HIV risk becomes markedly elevated. Mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders also plays a major role in increasing HIV risk.

Global Expenditures

(Global Expenditures) "Global expenditure on HIV/AIDS has increased substantially in the last decade, with total annual resources from all sources reaching over $11.3 billion in 2007 and $13.7 billion in 2008.37 Most of these resources are destined for low and middle income countries and include the expenditure allocated to HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support."

HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care Services

(HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care Services) "Despite the fact that injecting drug use has led to the widespread transmission of HIV worldwide, the provision of HIV prevention, treatment, and care services to IDU populations remains dismally low. In 2009, only 8 per cent of injecting drug users worldwide enjoyed access to HIV prevention services of any kind, while substitution therapy–i.e. offering users methadone instead of heroin–is permitted in only 70 countries. Needle and syringe exchange programmes are available in only 82 countries."