Drug Usage

Estimated prevalence and trends in use of various substances by young people and adults in the United States and worldwide.

Global Estimate of Prevalence of Injection Drug Use

(Global Estimate of Prevalence of Injection Drug Use) "Updating the previous global estimates, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) estimates that in 2011 a total of 14.0 million (range: 11.2 million to 22.0 million) people injected drugs worldwide, which corresponds to 0.31 per cent (range: 0.24-0.48 per cent) of the population aged 15-64.14 The current global estimates are lower than the previous ones of 15.9 million people, and primarily reflect the fact that many countries have revised their earlier estimates downward, based on behavioural surveill

Nonmedical Use of Psychotherapeutic Drugs by Type, 2004

(Nonmedical Use of Psychotherapeutic Drugs by Type, 2004) "In 2004, 6.0 million persons were current users of psychotherapeutic drugs taken nonmedically (2.5 percent). These include 4.4 million who used pain relievers, 1.6 million who used tranquilizers, 1.2 million who used stimulants, and 0.3 million who used sedatives. These estimates are all similar to the corresponding estimates for 2003.

Illicit Substance Use by 'Lifetime' Alcohol Users in the US

(Illicit Substance Use by 'Lifetime' Alcohol Users in the US) "Lifetime alcohol users aged 21 or older had a significantly higher rate of past year illicit drug use (13.7 percent) compared with lifetime nondrinkers (2.7 percent). In addition, lifetime alcohol users had significantly higher rates of past year use across all illicit drug categories, with the exception of inhalants (Table 1). Nonmedical use of pain relievers was the illicit drug used most often by lifetime nondrinkers, whereas lifetime alcohol users reported using marijuana most frequently."

'Lifetime' Alcohol Users and Other Drug Use

('Lifetime' Alcohol Users and Other Drug Use) "In 2002 and 2003, an estimated 88.2 percent of persons aged 21 or older (175.6 million) were lifetime alcohol users, whereas an estimated 11.8 percent (23.5 million) were lifetime nondrinkers. Over half of lifetime alcohol users (52.7 percent) had used one or more illicit drugs at some time in their life, compared to 8.0 percent of lifetime nondrinkers.

Comparison of Youth Substance Use in the US and EU

(Comparison of Youth Substance Use in the US and EU) "The concept of 'illicit drugs' includes marijuana, hashish, amphetamines, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, GHB, LSD or other hallucinogens, and heroin. GHB has been added to this list since the 2007 ESPAD report. Reported use of any of these illicit drugs varies considerably across the ESPAD countries. In the Czech Republic, 43% of the students report having used any of the drugs in question at least once, which is more than twice the ESPAD average of 18%.

Perceived Effect of Legalization on Youth

(Perceived Effect of Legalization on Youth) "Most 12th graders felt that they would be little affected personally by the legalization of either the sale or the use of marijuana. Over half (56%) of the respondents said that they would not use the drug even if it were legal to buy and use, while others indicated they would use it about as often as they do now (15%) or less often (1.5%). Only 9% said they would use it more often than they do at present, while 10% thought they would try it.