Drug Courts

Drug Courts & Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration

Relapse and Noncompliance

(Relapse and Noncompliance) In a 2003 report, New York's Center for Court Innovation examined eleven different adult drug courts in New York state. They found that "Relapse and noncompliance are common, even among those who ultimately succeed. In seven of eight courts examined, at least half of all graduates had at least one positive drug test, and many had several positives - usually in the earlier stages of participation. This highlights the value of drug courts according multiple chances to participants experiencing early problems."

Inadequate Data, 2002

(Inadequate Data, 2002) According to the US General Accounting Office in 2002, the Department of Justice failed to collect adequate data on drug courts. "One of the Drug Court Clearinghouse's functions has been to identify DCPO-funded drug court programs. However, the Drug Court Clearinghouse has only been tasked since 1998 with following up with a segment of DCPO [Drug Courts Program Office] grantees to determine their implementation date.