Calls to US Poison Centers About Human Exposures to E-Cigarettes, 2010-2014

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"During the study period, PCs reported 2,405 e-cigarette and 16,248 cigarette exposure calls from across the United States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. E-cigarette exposure calls per month increased from one in September 2010 to 215 in February 2014 (Figure). Cigarette exposure calls ranged from 301 to 512 calls per month and were more frequent in summer months, a pattern also observed with total call volume to PCs involving all exposures (5).
"E-cigarettes accounted for an increasing proportion of combined monthly e-cigarette and cigarette exposure calls, increasing from 0.3% in September 2010 to 41.7% in February 2014. A greater proportion of e-cigarette exposure calls came from health-care facilities than cigarette exposure calls (12.8% versus 5.9%) (p<0.001). Cigarette exposures were primarily among persons aged 0–5 years (94.9%), whereas e-cigarette exposures were mostly among persons aged 0–5 years (51.1%) and >20 years (42.0%). E-cigarette exposures were more likely to be reported as inhalations (16.8% versus 2.0%), eye exposures (8.5% versus 0.1%), and skin exposures (5.9% versus 0.1%), and less likely to be reported as ingestions (68.9% versus 97.8%) compared with cigarette exposures (p<0.001)."


Kevin Chatham-Stephens, MD, Royal Law, MPH, Ethel Taylor, DVM, Paul Melstrom, PhD, Rebecca Bunnell, ScD, Baoguang Wang, MD, Benjamin Apelberg, PhD, Joshua G. Schier, MD, "Calls to Poison Centers for Exposures to Electronic Cigarettes - United States, September 2010-February 2014, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) (Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control, April 4, 2014, Vol. 63, No. 13, p. 292.

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