Prevalence of Use by Portuguese Youth Compared With Others in EU

"In ESPAD [European school survey project on alcohol and other drugs] 2011 once more cannabis was the drug that presented the higher lifetime prevalence of use (16%) a value closer to lifetime prevalence of any drug (19%). Between 2007 and 2001 increased the lifetime prevalence of use of any drug (from 14% to 19%), decreases were verified in the prevalence of use of all drugs with the exception of heroin. The cannabis prevalence of use in last twelve months and 30 days also increased between 2007 and 2001 (respectively from 10% to 16% and from 6% to 9%). In 2011, Portugal registered prevalence’s of use very similar to the European average, being in some cases superior (namely the prevalence of use of cannabis in the last 12 months and last 30 days – european averages of 13% and 7% - and lifetime use of other drugs than cannabis – 6% european average and 8% in Portugal) contrarily to what occurred in 2007, where they were overall inferior."


General-Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD), "2013 National Report (2012 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point: PORTUGAL: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Lisbon, Portugal: 2013), p. 38.