Drug Offenses in Norway

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"In 2013, investigations by the police and prosecution authorities resulted in a total of 174,700 charges against 82,300 different persons. That is almost 1,200 more charges and 1,350 more persons charged than in 2012. The increase was largest for drug offences. A total of 19,623 persons were charged with more than 39,300 drug offences in 2013. This is an increase of nine and eight per cent, respectively, from 2012. A large proportion of those charged with drug offences, 26 per cent, were also charged with other offences that carry a higher maximum sentence. These are classified under another primary group of offences, which means that 14,538 persons were charged with a drug offence as their primary offence, as shown in Table 7. This is 1,450 more than in 2012, and a considerably higher figure than in all previous years for which statistics are available. The increase, and the historically high numbers, relate to persons charged with violations of the General Civil Penal Code and persons charged with violations of the Act relating to Medicinal Products. Persons charged with drug offences as their primary offence accounted for 39 per cent of all persons charged with crimes in 2013."


Drug Situation in Norway 2014, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS)/EMCDDA. Statistics 2015. ISBN: 978-82-7171-422-2. Available at www.fhi.no/en

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