Heroin Trafficking and Seizures in the Americas

"Most heroin (and morphine) trafficked in the Americas is smuggled from Mexico to the United States, with far smaller quantities smuggled from Colombia and Guatemala. Analysis of heroin samples in the United States over the past decade shows the increasing predominance of Mexico (90 per cent of samples analysed in 2015) as a source country of the drug, while the importance of countries in South America (3 per cent) has declined markedly. South-West Asia accounted for around 1 per cent of the samples analysed in 2015.10

"Based on quantities seized, heroin trafficking in the Americas, particularly trafficking to North America, showed a clear upward trend until 2015, ending with a marked decline in 2016. This seems to have gone in parallel with an expansion in the trafficking of synthetic opioids in the region, as some organized crime groups from Mexico and, to a lesser extent, from the Dominican Republic that are involved in heroin trafficking expanded their activities to the trafficking of synthetic opioids, notably fentanyl.11"


World Drug Report 2018. United Nations publication, Sales No. E.18.XI.9.