Comparison of Youth Substance Use in the US and EU

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"The concept of 'illicit drugs' includes marijuana, hashish, amphetamines, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, GHB, LSD or other hallucinogens, and heroin. GHB has been added to this list since the 2007 ESPAD report. Reported use of any of these illicit drugs varies considerably across the ESPAD countries. In the Czech Republic, 43% of the students report having used any of the drugs in question at least once, which is more than twice the ESPAD average of 18%. Students in France, Monaco and the United States (not an ESPAD country) also exhibit high levels of experience with illicit drugs (38–39%)."


"The 2011 ESPAD Report: Substance Use Among Students in 36 European Countries" (Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs, May 2012), p. 85.

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