Worldwide Unmet Treatment Demand Among Problem Drug Users

"It is estimated that approximately one in six problem drug users18 globally receives treatment for drug use disorders or dependence each year. However, there is a greater than six fold variation between the regions. Africa, in particular, stands out, with only one in 18 problem drug users accessing treatment services, predominantly for treatment related to cannabis use disorders. In Latin America and the Caribbean and Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, approximately one in 11 problem drug users accesses treatment services, well below the global average. Conversely, in North America, each year an estimated one in three problem drug users receives treatment interventions. To a certain extent, these regional differences reflect varying reporting systems for treatment demand,19 but they also undoubtedly demonstrate the wide disparity in the availability and accessibility of drug dependance treatment services in different regions."


UNODC, World Drug Report 2013 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.13.XI.6), p. 10.