Number of Criminal Drug Charges

"A total of 37,900 charges were brought for drug
crimes in 2010. That is 21 per cent of all charges for infringements of the law and 41 per cent of all criminal charges. In total, almost 17,200 persons were charged with one or more drug infringements, 48 per cent of all charges for crimes. The corresponding figure in the 21–29 age group was 60 per cent.
"A total of 12,200 persons charged had drug crime as their primary offence in 2010, almost 14 per cent fewer than in 2009 (Table 5). Persons charged with drug crime as their primary offence were more than a third of all persons charged with crimes. The proportion of women was generally low, 17 per cent in 2010."


Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, "The Drug Situation in Norway 2012: annual report to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)," (Oslo, Norway: December 2012), p. 47.