Legal Framework for Harm Reduction Activities in France

(Legal Framework for Harm Reduction Activities in France) "The harm reduction policy for drug users is the responsibility of the government (article L3121-3 of the French Public Health Code modified by the law of 13 August 2004 - art. 71 35). This harm reduction policy seeks to prevent the spread of infection, death by intravenous drug overdose and the social and psychological damage caused by narcotics use.

Prevalence of Drug Use in France

"Cannabis is still by far the most widely used illicit substance, both among teenagers and the adult population, with 17 million people having already tried it (i.e. 41% of 15 to 64 year-olds). The overall proportion of recent users (in the last month) is 6.6%, and regular use (at least 10 times per month) concerns nearly 1.5 million people in France.