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Table of Contents

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Addictive Properties of Popular DrugsPDFPrint
Annual Causes of Death in the United StatesPDFPrint
Asset ForfeiturePDFPrint
Australia Drug Use Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Canada - Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Civil and Human Rights, and the Impact of the War on DrugsPDFPrint
Cocaine & CrackPDFPrint
Crime, Arrests, and US Law EnforcementPDFPrint
Diversion of Pharmaceutical DrugsPDFPrint
Driving and Substance Use / Driving Under the InfluencePDFPrint
Drug Courts & Treatment Alternatives to IncarcerationPDFPrint
Drug TestingPDFPrint
Drug Use EstimatesPDFPrint
Employment-Related Drug TestingPDFPrint
Entheogens including Salvia, LSD, Peyote, and MushroomsPDFPrint
European Union Data and Policies - An OverviewPDFPrint
Families, Students, and ChildrenPDFPrint
Gateway TheoryPDFPrint
Germany Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Hepatitis CPDFPrint
Heroin Assisted Treatment/Heroin MaintenancePDFPrint
HIV/AIDS & Injection Drug Use (IDU)PDFPrint
HIV/AIDS, Race, and the Drug WarPDFPrint
Interdiction of DrugsPDFPrint
International - BelgiumPDFPrint
International - Central AmericaPDFPrint
International - ColombiaPDFPrint
International - DenmarkPDFPrint
International - Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPDFPrint
International - FrancePDFPrint
International - GreecePDFPrint
International - HungaryPDFPrint
International - MexicoPDFPrint
International - NorwayPDFPrint
International - PeruPDFPrint
International - PolandPDFPrint
International - Portugal Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
International - RomaniaPDFPrint
International - Russian FederationPDFPrint
International - South AmericaPDFPrint
International - SpainPDFPrint
International - SwitzerlandPDFPrint
International - United KingdomPDFPrint
Mandatory Minimums & the Federal Sentencing GuidelinesPDFPrint
MDMA or Ecstasy (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)PDFPrint
Medical Marijuana and Cannabis MedicinesPDFPrint
Methadone & Opioid Substitution TherapyPDFPrint
Methamphetamine & Amphetamine-Type StimulantsPDFPrint
Militarization of the Drug WarPDFPrint
Netherlands Compared With The United StatesPDFPrint
Netherlands Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)PDFPrint
Pregnancy & Substance UsePDFPrint
Prescription Drugs and Pain ManagementPDFPrint
Prevention & EducationPDFPrint
Prisons, Jails & Probation - OverviewPDFPrint
Prisons, Jails, and People Arrested for DrugsPDFPrint
Race and PrisonPDFPrint
Student/School Drug TestingPDFPrint
Substance Use Treatment Data, Research, and PoliciesPDFPrint
Supervised Consumption Facilities, Safe Injection Facilities, & Drug Consumption Rooms (SCFs, SIFs, and DCRs)PDFPrint
Sweden Drug Use Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Syringe Service Programs (SSPs)/Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs)PDFPrint
Tobacco and NicotinePDFPrint
United StatesPDFPrint
Women & The Drug WarPDFPrint

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