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Table of Contents

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Addictive Properties of Popular DrugsPDFPrint
Annual Causes of Death in the United StatesPDFPrint
Asset ForfeiturePDFPrint
Australia Drug Use Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Canada - Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Civil and Human Rights, and the Impact of the War on DrugsPDFPrint
Cocaine & CrackPDFPrint
Crime, Arrests, and US Law EnforcementPDFPrint
Diversion of Pharmaceutical DrugsPDFPrint
Driving and Substance Use / Driving Under the InfluencePDFPrint
Drug Courts & Treatment Alternatives to IncarcerationPDFPrint
Drug TestingPDFPrint
Drug Use EstimatesPDFPrint
Employment-Related Drug TestingPDFPrint
Entheogens including Salvia, LSD, Peyote, and MushroomsPDFPrint
European Union Data and Policies - An OverviewPDFPrint
Families, Students, and ChildrenPDFPrint
Gateway TheoryPDFPrint
Germany Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Hepatitis CPDFPrint
Heroin Assisted Treatment/Heroin MaintenancePDFPrint
HIV/AIDS & Injection Drug Use (IDU)PDFPrint
HIV/AIDS, Race, and the Drug WarPDFPrint
Interdiction of DrugsPDFPrint
International - BelgiumPDFPrint
International - Central AmericaPDFPrint
International - ColombiaPDFPrint
International - DenmarkPDFPrint
International - Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPDFPrint
International - FrancePDFPrint
International - GreecePDFPrint
International - HungaryPDFPrint
International - MexicoPDFPrint
International - NorwayPDFPrint
International - PeruPDFPrint
International - PolandPDFPrint
International - Portugal Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
International - RomaniaPDFPrint
International - Russian FederationPDFPrint
International - South AmericaPDFPrint
International - SpainPDFPrint
International - SwitzerlandPDFPrint
International - United KingdomPDFPrint
Mandatory Minimums & the Federal Sentencing GuidelinesPDFPrint
MDMA or Ecstasy (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)PDFPrint
Medical Marijuana and Cannabis MedicinesPDFPrint
Methadone & Opioid Substitution TherapyPDFPrint
Methamphetamine & Amphetamine-Type StimulantsPDFPrint
Militarization of the Drug WarPDFPrint
Netherlands Compared With The United StatesPDFPrint
Netherlands Drug Control Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and "Legal Highs" Including Kratom, Spice, and Many MorePDFPrint
Pregnancy & Substance UsePDFPrint
Prescription Drugs and Pain ManagementPDFPrint
Prevention & EducationPDFPrint
Prisons, Jails & Probation - OverviewPDFPrint
Prisons, Jails, and People Arrested for DrugsPDFPrint
Race and PrisonPDFPrint
Student/School Drug TestingPDFPrint
Substance Use Treatment Data, Research, and PoliciesPDFPrint
Supervised Consumption Facilities, Safe Injection Facilities, & Drug Consumption Rooms (SCFs, SIFs, and DCRs)PDFPrint
Sweden Drug Use Data and PoliciesPDFPrint
Syringe Service Programs (SSPs)/Needle Exchange Programs (NEPs)PDFPrint
Tobacco and NicotinePDFPrint
United StatesPDFPrint
Women & The Drug WarPDFPrint

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